AlKhaleej Takaful Insurance BBB+

HE Sheikh / Saud bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed Jabor Al-Thani - CEO, announce that S&P Global Ratings has upgraded the long-term credit rating of Al-Khaleej Takaful Insurancefrom BBB to BBB+ with a stable outlook READ MORE


Auction for Salvage Car

Al Khaleej Takaful Insurance announces the auction of Salvage Car.

Date & Time :20 Oct 2018  07:30AM

Location: Industrial Area

               Street No.23,

               Gate No.162

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H.E Shk. Saoud Abdulla Moh'd J. Al-Thani - CEO of Alkhaleej Takaful Insurance Company announced that the company has obtained the final approvals from the Fatwa and Shari'a Supervisory Board and the Central Bank of Qatar to distribute insurance surplus to the participants for the year 2016, READ MORE


AlKhaleej Takaful Group Rated BBB+

HE Sheikh / Saud bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed Jabor Al-Thani - CEO, announce that S&P Global Ratings has upgraded the long-term credit rating of Al-Khaleej Takaful Group from BBB to BBB + with a stable outlook.

This upgrade comes after the great improvement in operating performance, as well as technical profitability during the past two years, as a result of the positive changes in underwriting and claims procedures in the company.

CEO, also said that the company will continue the implementation of its plan to raise the improved operational performance, and the gradual reduction of the risk of assets & liabilities portfolio through the reclassification of restructuring the portfolio lines according to the recommendations of the rating agency , and regulators instructions to achieve stable returns for shareholders, Especially that this upgrade was based on diversifying of company high risk assets portfolio  and maintaining their capital adequacy ratio higher than the AAA level.



Alkhaleej Takaful Insurance Company is licensed and approved by the Central Bank of Qatar under the license number 5/1979


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