Energy Insurance

Energy Insurance


With experienced energy insurance teams serving both the onshore and the offshore oil and gas industries, Al Khaleej Takaful Group offers a flexible and customized approach for the most demanding global energy insurance challenges.

We provide following Key Covers for Energy Risks:

Construction Projects Insurance

Comprehensive General Third party Liability.

Offshore Liability Risk

Platform Insurance

Advance Loss of Profit / Key Financial Risks

Machinery Breakdown (including Consequential loss)

Offshore/onshore operating Insurance(Rigs/Pipelines/Tanks/Refineries)

Oil & Gas Field Development Project.

Offshore and Onshore Construction Project.

Offshore and Onshore Oil & Gas Installation / Property - Operating Insurance.

Petrochemical Construction Project.

Petrochemical Operating Risks Insurance.

Business Interruption / Loss of Profit.

Seepage and Pollution.

Cost of Well Control / Predrilling Expenses.


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