Fire,G/A,Engg. & Liabilities Ins.

Fire,G/A,Engg. & Liabilities Ins.


Alkhaleej Takaful Group offers wide range of insurance products and services for businesses of all sizes. We understand, it is important that all types of risks that businesses are exposed to are adequately covered.We have a competitive pricing to give your business maximum value for money, rewarding you with hassle free claims experience.

Alkhaleej Takaful Groupoffers core solutions like Fire & Special Perils Insurance, General Accident Insurance, Liability Insurance and Engineering Insurance to businesses exposed to risks throughout the development and operation stages requiring the most comprehensive and complex insurance covers.

Our insurance products are grouped into the four basic categories. To learn more about the insurance products of your choice please click on the relevant link.


The staff at Alkhaleej Takaful Group will be happy to ensure fair, hassle free and prompt settlement of your claims within the terms and conditions of the policy.

To expedient the claim process, we elaborate here the procedure followed for the disbursement of your claim.

Step 1: Claim Intimation

Alkhaleej Takaful Group’s ClaimExecutives will assist you with the claim procedure.As soon as a mishap occurs resulting in a claim, please intimate our General Accident Claims Department immediately.

While registering the claim with us, please ensure to provide the following details:

Policy Number

Insured name

Contact Details: Email/Telephone/GSM

Location of loss

Cause of loss and amount of loss (approx. estimation)

Other relevant information like electronic breakdown, burglary details…..etc pertaining to your claim.  

Once you have gathered the relevant information kindly register your claim with our Claim Executives at:

Fax: 4404 1135

Subsequently, you will receive a claim number either by Email or Fax which is your unique claim identification number.


Step 2: Surveyor Appointment

The company appoints a surveyor within two working days. The surveyor will assess the loss/damage, depending upon the type of loss that is Fire/Burglary/electrical mechanical breakdown etc.

Step 3: Document Required

You need to submit the following documents to Alkhaleej Takaful Group for the registered claim with the help of the surveyor appointed:

Claim Form with complete details (policy number, insured name…..etc) Download the relevant Claim Form:

Fire Claim Form

Personal Accident Declaration Form

Group Life Personal Accident (Accident/Sickness)

Group Life Personal Accident (Death)

Workmen’s Compensation Accident Declaration

Notification of Loss/Damage for Contractor’s All Risks Insurance

Purchase Invoice of the affected subject matter

Estimates of Repairs/Replacements

Replacement invoice & Payment Proofs

First Information report & Final Investigation report from Police Authorities, if applicable

Fire Brigade report, if applicable

Service Report in case of Electronic & Mechanical breakdown claim

Other supporting document as per Surveyor requirement based on individual case.

Step 4: Claim Settlement

The surveyor would submit the final report along with the relevant documents to General Accident Claims Department who would contact you if any additional information is required.

Disbursement of your claim is done by Payment Cheque (QR) in the name of the Insured Employee / Policy Holder (as per the request) upon processing the details of the submitted claim. On receipt of the documents, the claims department processes the claim without any further delay.

If you have any queries regarding the claim process, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Fax: 4404 1135


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