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Alkhaleej Takaful Group offers Liability Insurance Products to suit today’s dynamic corporate environment which is characterized by increased scrutiny to Corporate Governance issues, stringent Client Contracts etc. demanding stakeholders to protect against wide range of exposures.

Alkhaleej Takaful Group recognizes this and offers following solutions to suit these needs:

Public Liability Insurance Proposal Form

Third Party Liability Insurance Proposal Form

PI Insurance Proposal Form- Architects and Consulting Engineers- Project Cover

PI InsuranceProposal Form- Architects and Consulting Engineers - Annual Cover

PI InsuranceProposal Form - Accountants

PI InsuranceProposal Form - Medical Malpractice Hospitals

Products Liability Insurance Proposal Form

If you have any queries about our products or wish to obtain a quotation then please contact us at:

Fax: 4404 1133