Health Ins

Health Insurance


AlKhaleej Takaful Insurance offers International Healthcare Insurance Plans for Groups as well as Individuals. These are the most cost effective and reliable plans available in the region.

We Provide most variety of Health Insurance plans to satisfy our client's goal.


Al-Khaleej Pioneer (Individual)

Benefits schedules

·         Pioneer 1750-5000

·         Pioneer 5000+


·         Pioneer Claims procedures

·         Pioneer Claim Form - Medical

·         Pioneer Claim Form - Dental

·         Pioneer Claim Form - Maternity

·         Pioneer Claim Form - Travel

·         Pioneer Preauthorisation Medical Form

·         Pioneer Release of Medical Information Form


·         Pioneer Individual application (CTT)

·         Pioneer Individual application (FMU)

·         Pioneer Individual application (MORI)


·         Pioneer Member Handbook


·         Pioneer Pre-Sales Brochure - Pioneer 1750-5000

·         Pioneer Fast Facts


Al-Khaleej Summit (Group)

Benefits schedules

·         Summit 1750-5000

·         Summit 5000+


·         Summit Claims procedures

·         Summit Claim Form - Medical

·         Summit Claim Form - Dental

·         Summit Claim Form - Maternity

·         Summit Claim Form - Travel

·         Summit Preauthorisation Medical Form

·         Summit Release of Medical Information Form


·         Summit Group formation application (CTT)

·         Summit Group formation application (MHD) Large corporate

·         Summit Group formation application (MHD) Small corporate

·         Summit Group formation application (MORI)

·         Summit Group member application (CTT)

·         Summit Group member application (MORI)

·         Summit Group member declaration (MHD) 5-9 employees


Summit Group member Handbook


Summit Brochure

Summit Fast Facts

Summit EAP Fast Facts

Supporting documents

Summit Plan sponsor guide

Al-Khaleej  Add-ons

Benefits schedules

·         Personal Accident no premiums

·         Personal Accident

·         Pioneer Maternity 75-150-200 no premiums

·         Pioneer Maternity 75-150 no premiums

·         Pioneer Maternity 200 no premiums

·         Travel no premiums

·         Travel

For any further details about our Medical Insurance Plans please contact

Rolando CalixtroManager –Medical Department 


Tel.:                    4404 1053



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