Decisions of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting on 15/3/2023

Hearing Board of Director’s Report about the company’s activities and financial position for the year ending 31.12.2022 and the future plan of the company.
Hearing and approving Auditors Report about company’s financial statements for the year ending 31.12. 2022.
Hearing the Sharia’s Authority Report on the activities for the financial year 2022.
Discussing and approving the balance sheet of the company and accounts of profits & losses for the fiscal year ending 31.12. 2022 and approving the BOD recommendation to distribute 10% cash dividends to shareholders.
Discharging the BOD of the responsibility of fiscal year 2022 & determining their remuneration.
Approving the governance report of the company for the year 2022.
Appointing the External Auditor for the year 2023 & determining their fees , KPMG.