Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance

We offer wide range of insurance solutions to cater for the Construction/ Erection projects as well as the machinery and equipment. Under Engineering Insurance, we write Contractors All Risks, Erection All Risks, Contractor’s Plant and Machinery, All Risks Machinery & Equipment, Electronic Equipment, Third Party Liability Cover for Projects, etc

Engineering Insurance Claim

Claim Intimation

Alkhaleej Takaful Insurance Claim Executives will be glad to assist you with the relevant claims procedure. As soon as a mishap occurs which might result into a claim, please intimate our Non-Motor Claims Department immediately in the email provided herein. While intimating the claim, please ensure to provide the following minimum details:

  • Policy Number
  • Insured name
  • Contact Details: Name, Mobile No., Telephone No., Email, etc.
  • Location of loss
  • Cause of loss, approximate loss amount (if available), etc.

among other relevant details.

Once the claim is registered in the system, inspection of the claim will done by our in-house surveyors (wherever necessary) and our claims handlers would communicate with you subsequently for the required claim supporting documents or appointment of external claims handlers as the case may be. A claim reference as well as the relevant claim form will be provided during this process.

Step 2

Upon receipt of required documents / external claims handlers reports, the claim will be reviewed and processed for settlement after completing the necessary formalities and settlement would be effected at the soonest possible times.

Al Khaleej has a dedicated team of qualified professionals with necessary experience and expertise in handling claims to ensure fair, hassle free and prompt settlement of claims.

You may call +974-4404 1111  OR  visit our office (Al Khaleej Takaful Group Building) in Grand Hamad Street