Medical, Group Life & Travel

Medical,Group Life & Travel Insurance


AlKhaleej Takaful Insurance offers unique features of a mutual co-cooperative health insurance.
As the cost of medical attention and care rises both at home and abroad, it is important to protect the individual or company employees in case of illness. Then whether one requires frequent low –cost treatments or needs a major surgical intervention, the cost is not a concern. For employers seeking to attract and retain their talented employees, offering a comprehensive medical insurance package is a valuable benefit.
Basically our medical insurance plans are available in two different ways (Group Scheme & individual /Family Insurance) covering locally, regionally & internationally for comprehensive and scheduled coverage.
We act as the insurer and appoint Aetna International to manage and maintain the medical schemes for:

Other medical insurance plans are available through Al Khaleej Takaful Local Products, providing coverage from low, mid & high cost insurance schemes that suit the needs of your organization:

Basic Plan
Classic Plan
Executive Plan
VIP Plan

Individual Medical Insurance

AlKhaleej Takaful Insurance provides Individual medical insurance to :
-Small groups (below 10)

The benefits varies from basic cover to comprehensive one, depending on the plan chosen:
1-Silver Plan
2-Gold Plan
3-Platinum Plan

Download the benefits table on the right for full details.

Medical Claim


Al Khaleej insurance is happy to assist & to ensure a fair and prompt benefits av-ailment & settlement fulfillment.