Liability & Casualty

Liability & Casualty Insurance

AlKhaleej Takaful Insurance understands that your employees are your greatest asset. To support you in demonstrating that value to them we offer products to let you help them and their loved ones in case of misfortune. With Alkhaleej Takaful Insurance various casualty policies you can offer your employees benefits like insurance cover for accidental bodily injury, death or disablement of the insured persons. Also, our casualty policies are ideal for companies to insure money safety and fidelity guarantee (infidelity of employees).

Have a look at the wide range of products that we offer:


AlKhaleej Takaful Insurance offers Liability Insurance products to suit today’s dynamic corporate environment which is characterized by increased scrutiny to Corporate Governance issues, stringent Client Contracts etc. demanding stakeholders to protect against wide range of exposures.
AlKhaleej Takaful Insurance recognizes this and offers following solutions to suit such needs: